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A busy weekend.

Friday evening, I went to the Cat Club just after it opened, around 3 a.m. Everyone was impressed by my shiny black fur coat. I was very excited when it also turned out to be karaoke night. I love karaoke night because I am a very good singer, so I got up on the roof to sing as soon as I could.

To cap it all, I met a new She Cat, and she is absolutely gorgeous. But then, disaster! I was just about to go and ask her name, when the Cat Club was disrupted by a badly behaved Tall Thing who yelled and threw things at us. Sometimes the Tall Things can be extremely uneducated. The She Cat ran off and I lost her!

Sunday was very busy. I spent a lot of time chasing a particularly interesting cabbage white butterfly around my Kingdom. Later, I slept.

picture of a cat on a clean black car

Ready for the week