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Friday night I went to the Cat Club again. It was pretty busy I must say,  the roof tops were positively alive with pussycats. It took ages before I got my go on the karaoke machine. I talked a bit with Jake my ginger tom pal about the best way to claw tree trunks, but then I saw Pippa on top of a chimney, looking up at the milky-way, She’s so pretty!

I went to apologize to Pippa for not having any organic milk when she came to visit a few days ago. I told her I usually only ever drink organic milk, which is not entirely true, but it seemed like the right thing to say. I invited her for a bowl on Sunday morning.

Saturday, I spent all day sleeping so that I would look good for her on Sunday.

Sunday, Pippa came around. I made sure I had organic milk this time. She toured my Kingdom, and I was very impressed by her agile roof walking skills. I took this picture of her. I complimented her on how fluffy her coat was, but she got very angry for some reason and scampered off. Why don’t I understand She Cats better?

picture of Pippa on the garden shed

Pippa on the roof. A very agile and fluffy cat.