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It’s been an incredibly challenging few weeks for me. One of my main objectives in life, to snooze for about 16 hours per day, was jeopardised.

Some of the Tall Things that work in the offices at my Carpark Kingdom decided to move all their things out of the building. What a kerfuffle. Trucks coming and going, boxes, mess and goodness knows what else. In short, they kept me awake. So I complained.

Although they did not stop making noise, my complaints did do a little good. One of the more intelligent Tall Things did give me a tin of sardines by way of apology and tribute. I suppose that did go someway to brightening the day and making my eyes and fur brighter.

picture of a green eyed cat

La Vie en Vert

I thought about saving a sardine for Pippa, but she isn’t coming around until midnight, and honestly it was impossible to wait that long. I mean, much as I’m fond of her, have you ever tried to save a sardine for more than 10 minutes? It’s really quite impossible.

The Sardine Tribute to the Kingdom of Cat

picture of an empty sardine tin

An excellent spot of fish