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The past few weeks have seen the worst weather I can remember in the past 25 years. Terrible. A-paw-ling.

The puddles are rising all around my Carpark Kingdom, the drains are getting blocked, and my food bowl is getting flooded. What is a Cat to do? I demanded that the Tall Things provide me with sandbags, but they were too busy sheltering under umbrellas, which frankly seems rather selfish.

I have retreated to the safety of my Scooter seat and am keeping a constant vigil against the rising tide. If it gets any worse, I shall move onto the roof. Or, possible I may go to live in one of the Tall Thing’s houses, if they are lucky and offer me enough cat food.

Another thing is that all the rain has decimated the moth population. No moths, no moth chasing. My second most important activity after snoozing and napping has been ruined. I hope my friend Pippa is okay. I haven’t seen her since all the bad weather started, as she refuses to go out in rain. Something about it being bad for her glossy coat and paw-care.

A flooded food bowl and a ruined social life. Pesky raindrops.

picture of a cat on a scooter

A constant vigil against the rising tide