Cat reflections on recycling


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As I reflect on another busy week ahead, a busy week of napping, hunting moths and dodging raindrops, and the avoiding the dog next door, I have been thinking about recycling and the environment.

picture of a cat on a red car

A morning for reflection on the environ

Why do Tall Things have so many possessions? All those mountains of things seems a bit pointless to me. All I possess is my collar and I’m not even sure I really want that.

Last week, one of the offices that over look my Kingdom (which they call their office car park) closed down, and they threw away everything. Even a cat food bowl. Unbelievable.

picture of a rubbish skip

why don’t Tall Things recycle properly?

Milk in the rain


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cat drinking milk

Quite tasty, but where are my snacks?

Today is raining, which is not good. I live in the “car-park” (my Kingdom) outside an office block so the rain can be a problem. I’ve spent quite a bit of time today walking around and meowing. The meowing has had no effect on the rain, which surprises me.

Thank goodness for the office workers who provided a tray of milk, or not only would I be a bit damp, I could be hungry too. Sometimes, it’s tough to be a Cat, even if Cats do have the best life ever.

Monday Trouble with Intruders in my Kingdom


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This morning I had trouble with an intruder into my Kingdom. My Kingdom is what the Tall Things call a “car park” and it’s outside an office building.

picture of Cat guarding the gates

Guarding the Kingdom Gates

I was busy washing my fur, getting ready for a busy week of napping and hunting, when I saw ANOTHER CAT softly padding around. Unbelievable. I immediately had very strong words, and saw him off. It’s certainly coming to something when a Cat can’t feel safe in his own Kingdom. It was bad enough when the dog moved in next door.

a black and white moggie runs off

Seeing off the Intruder

The day after Halloween, a day to avoid flying


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Last night was pretty exhausting, what with all the balancing on the back of broomsticks and trying not to fall off. Easier said than done, I can assure you. In the end, everything went fine, the moon was bright, I could see for miles, and it was fun sticking my tongue out at all the cats who didn’t go flying.

Today, I’ve got my eyes firmly fixed on terra ferma, the ground, it’s much safer. No more broomsticks until next year, I think I’ll stick to occupying this piece of furniture/Mini car for today.

I thought about dressing up in a costume last night, but really the best costume is my lovely black fur coat. Trick or Treat. Meow.

picture of a cat on the hood of a mini car

Reflecting on yesterday’s Halloween excitement

After the Storm


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Luckily I have survived the big storm last night. Thank goodness. I am celebrating it by catching 40 winks on this nice red car. It’s actually quite well designed because there is a ventilation crack that lets off heat from the engine. That’s the bit I’m lying on. The news is full of pictures of disaster from last night’s storm, but my Kingdom seems to have come out safely. Phew. Hope my friend Pippa stayed dry.

cat sprawled on a red car

after the storm