Cat gets ready for the storm


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Today is Sunday, and I see from the weather forecast there will be a big storm hitting Britain tonight. Yikes. I am preparing for the storm by getting at much sleep in as possible.

Today I am sleeping on the roof of a Mini car, which I have covered in cat hair, to make it more comfortable.

I hope I will be ok when the storm hits.

picture of a cat on a car top covered in cat hair

Someone needs to clean the hairs of my bed

Cat reflection Thursdays


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I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. Basically I’ve been rushed off my feet all week with a busy schedule of sleeping, trying to catch flying moths and avoiding raindrops.

On Tuesday, I finally had a word with the owners of Mr Rott Weiler, who live next door to my Kingdom. I asked them in no uncertain terms to get rid of their dog. We will see how they respond.

But however busy we are, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on the bigger picture. Here I am examining my reflection in an Audi. Meow.

picture of a cat on an audi looking down

This Audi is so shiny I can see my reflection

Hello Cat Monday


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I went to the rooftop Cat Club on Friday, which was a lot of fun. There was a Happy Hour deal on full-fat bowls of milk. How can anything so good be so bad for you?

Although no one actually said anything to me directly, I’m pretty sure that they were all talking about my shiny coat. It looked especially good in the moonlight.

I didn’t meet pretty Pippa, which a bit worrying. I hope she hasn’t gone off with that ruffian Tom.

picture of a cat walking on an Audi

Audi Business Trip

Is my coat shiny enough for the Cat Club?


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Tonight I plan to go clubbing at the Cat Club, but I’m a bit worried about my coat. Is it shiny enough? Is it too shiny? Will my friend Pippa think I look good?

I heard a rumour that Pippa was becoming very friendly with a new Tom in area. Here’s a picture of me worrying about all these important issues, instead of doing what I should be doing, which is sleeping on this nice piece of warm Audi furniture.

Anyhow, at least it’s Friday. Thank goodness, what a long week.

picture of a cat sprawled out on a shiny car

I hope my coat is shiny enough for the club

Supervising Cat Furniture


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Yesterday was raining, so I slept all day. Nobody likes a wet coat.

Today, I was back on duty welcoming Tall Things (humans) to my Kingdom, which Tall Things call a “car park.” You can see me here, early this morning busily welcoming them in as they park my cat furniture, so that I have somewhere warm to sit. I quite like this new black and white seat, it’s rather fashionable.

image of a cat on a black and white mini

Mind where you park that piece of cat furniture

Dancing with Pippa at the Cat Club


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Cat Club on Friday was really fun. The rooftops were alive with pussycats, and we were lucky with the weather because actually rain was forecast, but it stayed dry.

I also met Pippa, who is very pretty. When the dance hit “Get Lucky” came on I asked her to dance, and she accepted. I was so excited I almost fell off the roof. After the dance, I invited her around to my Kingdom for a bowl of milk on Sunday. She only drinks organic milk, so I got some in. Here’s a picture of Pippa admiring the view from my exciting Ivy Wall. Pippa only stayed for 20 minutes as she said she had to go shopping for new collars, with some friends.

picture of a fluffy cat called Pippa

Pippa the Explorer

Hello Mr Sparrow


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This morning, I discovered that chirpy Mr. Sparrow had moved into the top of a large spiky bush by a tall wall, that borders my Kingdom. I spent a large part of the day sitting on a scooter, waiting for him to come and introduce himself. He didn’t, which I thought was a little rude.

Tonight is Cat Club night and I’m very excited. Hopefully Pippa will be there, and I will get the chance to ask her why she minded me saying she was fluffy when I saw her last Sunday.

picture of a cat sitting on a Scooter

Hello Mr. Sparrow

Housework and cat furniture


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Summer seems to be over and unfortunately for me, the trees are beginning to drop leaves all over my mobile furniture, which Tall Things call cars. The Tall Things park the furniture every morning in my Kingdom, which is useful. But I must say, they need to be a bit more careful about their housework and tidying up the leaves.

Here’s a picture of me on top of a comfy piece of furniture I’ve also heard called a Mini soft top.┬áJust look at all the messy elderberry leaves. Honestly!

Mr Rott Weiler was barking a lot this morning. I may need to alert the authorities about this,

picture of a cat asleep in leaves on a car

Please tidy up these leaves

Audi ninja cat skills


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Yesterday and today I’ve spent most of my time practising my camouflage ninja cat skills.

My plan is to be able to blend into any background in the world and be completely invisible. This will give me total mastery over all my opponents. Here is a picture of me on a piece of mobilie furniture, that the Tall Things call an Audi car. I think my camouflage is pretty impressive. I must remember to show Pippa.

picture of a cat on an Audi hood

My amazing camouflage